Hand painted figures illustrated for AC Treatment Rooms in Broadstairs.
Hand painted logo that I designed for The White Room Meditations new shop in Broadstairs. Painted in 2023.
Hand drawn food and drink related illustrations for Waverley House in Margate. Created in November 2022.
A mural created for The Workshop in Broadstairs, Kent. Painted in 2022.
Hand painted using metal paint.
A mural created for a new business opening in Margate, Kent. Painted in 2022.
Hand painted using wall paint.
A beach hut I was commissioned to paint with a lovely meaning behind it.
Hand painted with wood paint.
The Eyelash club mural painted in 2019. Located in Margate, Kent.
Hand painted using acrylic paint.
2 wall murals for Solarium Point painted in 2019. Located in Ramsgate, Kent.
Hand painted using neon paints.
Still London sign, 2018. Located in Dalston, London.
Hand painted using gold leaf paint.

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