My Hateful Hearts collection stemmed from an anti valentines drawing that I did. I wanted to portray realistic moods that people go through everyday and incorporate one of my favourite ways of working which is screen printing. After a lot of doodling I decided to go with a negative but playful spin on the well known sweets. I wanted to create a range of garments that girls and women can wear on a daily basis. I chose to do a mini series of prints as well that people can put in their bedroom or give as a fun gift. 
Throughout all of my projects I have wanted to make sure that I am being as sustainable as possible.  All of the clothes I printed on were sourced within my house from my family, we chose pieces that would of been donated or thrown away. I cut and altered them to suit my project and I printed using water based, eco-friendly inks.
Due to current circumstances I had to alter my project as I would have normally printed it all at UCA using exposed screens. I was lucky enough to have a small screen at home and a room to print in. I ended up cutting all of the stencils out by hand using newsprint and a scalpel, due to this some of the prints don't perfectly match up but I am very pleased with how it all came out.
Scroll down to see the page spreads from my look book and some of my sketchbook work.
Hateful Hearts look book, 2020.
Created in InDesign.
A small selection of images taken from one of my sketchbooks. I included these as they are my final drawings before I began screen printing.
Hand drawn using posca pens.

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